Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If You See It Out of Place..........

........put it in its proper space!!

We have a lot of spaces to be continued.......

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Stuff is Home

Saturday with the help of the missionaries Val moved all our "stuff" out of storage. It feels like we are finally all together........reunited with our "garage stuff." We have epoxy coated both garage floors and now begin the fun task of arranging and re-arranging all the "stuff." And yes, Amy we are doing some tossing and yes, Kimberly we are doing some saving. In fact we have started an area of "review" which we will have Amy go through when she is here in July. Of course nothing will be tossed without my finally blessing............sorry Amy! We also found boxes of Justin "stuff" and some of Grant's "stuff" as well as a barrel of Kimberly "stuff!" Some of the things up for review are stuffed animals from another life and Halloween costumes! Here is a picture of our lovely "stuff" and a picture of the empty garage. Tonight we spent two hours moving and rearranging and things are looking pretty good........we make a great team!
It is not so empty anymore!