Friday, November 21, 2008

The Little Things......

I received this in an email on Monday. It is a perfect explanation of how I feel about life's little twists and turns. I'm reminded of it each morning when we are running a little behind or I have to run in the house for something or I can't find something or the hot water doesn't want to be hot or just about anything that happens I know it is for a reason.

This is the email and I couldn't say any better:

  • As you might know, the head of a company survived 9/11 because his son started kindergarten.
  • Another fellow was alive because it was His turn to bring donuts.
  • One woman was late because her Alarm clock didn't go off in time.
  • One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike Because of an auto accident.
  • One of them Missed his bus.
  • One spilled food on her clothes and had to takeTime to change.
  • One's Car wouldn't start.
  • One couldn't Get a taxi.
  • The one that struck me was the man who put on a new pair of shoes that morning, took the various means to get to work, but before he got there, he developed a blister on his foot. He stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid. That is why he is alive today.

Now when I am stuck in traffic, miss an elevator, turn back to answer a ringing telephone ... All the little things that annoy me. I think to myself, this is exactly where God wants me to be at this very moment.

Next time your morning seems to be going wrong; the children are slow getting dressed, you can't seem to find the car keys, you hit every traffic light, don't get mad or frustrated; it may be just that God is at work watching over you. May God continue to bless you with all those annoying little things. And may you remember their possible purpose.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Something from the Past

So, I was looking for some pictures on my computer this afternoon and came across this email conversation I had with Kimberly. Unfortunately, this is only my response to a question or comment she surely must of had regarding food, sleep and children. It went like this:

To: 'Kimberly Easterling'
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 9:30 AM
Subject: RE: So........

it begins slowly a little hunger, a little tired then it gradually you are able to get by with very little sleep and very little food because there is no time to sleep and your children are eating all your food (except for your mushrooms of course). They are waking you at all times of the day and night but that doesn't matter anymore because your body has been deprived of sleep for so long you wouldn't know what a good nights rest means anyway until.........well I'm not sure when because by the time you can sleep through the night because your children are gone your body has leaped into the next phrase of life where it can't seem to make it through the night without getting up to use the my dear the moral of the story is enjoy the food while you can get it and grab a nap anywhere you can take la

To this she responded:
that is a most excellent monologue, we should save this for future use....and I will absolutely take your least I saved you something (ie the mushrooms) and something as you know is better than nothing!

Friday, November 7, 2008

No Cell Phone Use While Driving Please.......

July 1st it became a California law that you could not drive and use your cell phone unless it was hands free. Of course this is not a problem for me because for the past nine months I'm rarely the driver; in fact I don't even remember the last time I drove to work. Well, this has been hard for Val/Dad especially now that he has a Blackberry. He can't stand for it to go off and not look at it.......the email part. I'm always saying to him don't look at your email while you are driving; to me that is worse than talking on the phone. Plus he doesn't have a blue tooth for it just ear pieces so when he does get a call everything is usually all tangled up and it causes a situation. We are a pair that is for sure!! Anyway, on the way home tonight I tried to call Justin, no answer; I tried Ashley, no answer; I tried their home phone no answer. Then next thing I know Val/Dad is talking to Justin, I look over at him and I'm like what's up with that!! Well, their conversation is cut short (we must have driven through a bad spot) and next thing I know my phone is ringing, I say oh that must be Justin calling back.'s Val!! I'm like hello I'm sitting right next to you...........we have a funny little conversation as we head up the hill, our voices echoing back and forth.............I love that man!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I love traditions. In fact just saying the word out loud makes me want to start singing the song…….. “Tradition! Tradition!” don’t you just feel the power of the word when you say it out loud. Okay maybe not for you but for me it is definitely an energizer. I think this time of year is when we see and hear of a lot of traditions. One of my earliest memories growing up was our Christmas morning tradition. First, we couldn’t get up before 7:00 a.m. and secondly, no one was allowed to go out in the family room without first getting Mom and Dad up. Of course Dad always had to shower before we went out into the family room; I think he just liked to see us agonize just a bit longer as if not being able to sleep all night wasn’t enough!! But that was part of the tradition. Roast beef and mash potatoes and gravy was our every Sunday meal tradition. This of course was in the days before cholesterol was invented. Cholesterol took the tradition out of our Sunday meal!! Moving forward many years I started a Christmas tradition with the kids Christmas presents. I never put their names on their gifts, well not in the traditionally manner. One year each gift under the tree had a puzzle piece. They were given a clue as to their puzzle then they had to find all the gifts with the correct puzzle piece and put the puzzle together. Other years their gift tags were a certain color or a reindeer; they never know what was what until Christmas day. It made it harder to figure out which gift belonged to whom; although I was in no way delusional as I’m sure there was plenty peaking going on!! It is harder now to have some of those traditions as we are separated by many miles but the memories of those moments are still there and for that I’m grateful. Another tradition I love although I’m not a part of it per say I love it nonetheless. Each year on Jim’s birthday Kimberly calls him at midnight and on her birthday he calls her at midnight! This means that Kimberly has to get up at 2:00 a.m. to make the call, Jim is lucky in that he just has to stay up until 10:00 p.m. I’m not even sure how or when this tradition got started but their tradition of being the first person to wish the other Happy Birthday is the greatest!!

Birthday Card: $3.59
Birthday Dinner: $60.00
Birthday Calls at Midnight: Priceless!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, there are certain words that I love, words like:
Hope - It Floats!
Can - It Does!
Faith - It Looks Up!
Work - I'm blessed with it and by it!
Obedience - Once I asked the kids for this for Christmas......they gave it to me in the form of wooden blocks!! I loved it and them for giving it to me.
Attitude - If you put a numeric value to each letter, i.e., a=1, t=60 and add them all up you get 100!

And there are certain words I don't have the love for, words like:
Can't - It never will!
Swears - Surely you are smarter than those four-letter words!
Diet - It makes me want to eat more!
Exercise - I can't avoid it if I want to live to 100 and I do!!

Excuse me now it is time to exercise a good attitude and get on the treadmill!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Max

Today Max is 8. To that I say isn't it great to be 8.
Max, you're the best Max!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Tag

Not to sure which pictures I'm suppose to post. But tonight I miss my girls so I will post some pictures of them.

Word Challenge

I think we need a word challenge. So this is how it will go down. I will post a challenge word and those who take the challenge will have to use that word at least twice during the day. Once in an email and once verbally. Then you have to post your “experience” in the comment area. The last person to comment will be “it” and then has to post the “new challenge word” for the day on their blog………and so on. Do I have any takers?? The word is Bupkis!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged and Then Some......

Six things you might not know or want to know about me. My first thought was everyone probably already knows what they thought they might know about me or they already know what they don’t want to know about me. But I will reveal what I’m sure is already apparent to some and what might be completely obvious to others. So my six things all in random order are as follows:
1. I have a thing about hair. In my life time of 50+ years there have only been 6 people that have ever cut it, curled it, or touched it. I won’t let just anyone “do” my hair. People thought I was crazy when I drove almost two hours to get my hair done. Now I must travel 800+ miles to get my hair done. No one touches my hair now but Amy.
2. When I was in first grade I almost drown. Because of that experience I have a great appreciation for water and what it can do.
3. I don’t toss. Everything I have ever tossed I always wanted/needed back within 36 hours of the tossing. I realize this is a problem and will be problem for the next generation so I’m working on this phenomenon by having Val toss it without my knowledge. I simple say something like this to him, “please take care of this.” He knows exactly what to do.
4. I love cars. Who doesn’t know this about me? Seriously? The hardest thing for me to do is sell a car; I want to keep them all, maybe you didn't know that. They become a living thing to me and it is hard to part with them. To this day I can’t look at a white VW Bug and not wonder where my 2000 Bug is……..lonely on the streets of San Francisco I’m sure. Sad.
5. I love dogs. I would have a whole pack of them if I could. My life is not complete if I don’t have a dog. I have two dogs currently Belle and Lola. Next spring I will be getting dog number three!! Dog, dog, dog!
6. There was a time in my life (bc) I wanted to be an attorney. I’m not sure what happened to that dream or why I didn’t pursue it. But I do know this, nothing in my life could possible be better than the life I have now (ac) and especially (ag). bc=before children, ac=after children, ag=after grandchildren

Wow I’m on a roll I guess I’ll toss in some bonus random useless knowledge.

7. I like to work on projects in the middle of the night. When the house is quiet, the dogs are sleeping soundly and all you can hear is the clock and the hum of the refrigerator. I can accomplish so much it is amazing.
8. In my perfect world I dream of living on a farm. I love all things living. The animals, the garden, and all that goes with it. Farm livin’ is the life for me… spreading out so far and wide……..ah you get the picture.
9. I love work. My life is blessed with work and by work.
10. I don't consider myself a great speller but I know when a word is spelled wrong even if I don't know how it should be spelled I somehow can tell it has been spelled wrong, that's weird to me.
11. I love numbers and the order they bring. My mother was a counter so maybe I come by this naturally. So here is a combination for you. In 2010 Val and I will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary. In that year Amy and Rick will celebrate their 14th, Grant & Brittani their 10th, Kimberly and David their 8th and Justin and Ashley their 5th. If you add up the number of years are children have been married you come up with 37!! How random is that?

This last "thing" is neither random or useless but is the one thing I know for sure and what I would want others to know about me as well.

12. I know that God lives and that all I have in my life is because of Him.

Now I pass this tag to Ashley, Amy, and Lynette..........and all who view but don't reveal; I extend to you a special invitation.

Monday, October 27, 2008

From the Outside, Now Moving In

While we were gone the outside of the house and the gutters got painted. Next step will be more work on the inside. Here is the latest view.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This weekend we took a road trip to Lompoc to visit with Bill and Becky and watch some high school football. We also got to see Rachael play soccer and Jake play football on Saturday. Then Saturday night we enjoyed the play "Miracle Worker" at the high school. Ali was in that play so we had an opportunity to visit with Doug and Holly as well. It was a wonderful weekend and we hope to make it an annual event. What a blessing our family is.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Time is such a crazy thing to me. For those that know me, they know that I gauge how close we are getting to a certain event by the expiration date on milk; you know its close when the milk expires after the event. Sort of like a pop-up reminder on Outlook. So today I placed an ad for a crane we are selling (Val and I don’t have a crane, the company I work for has one). The ad will run for 12 weeks which means it expires January 9, 2009. Which means that by the time this ad expires we will have been to New Mexico for Thanksgiving, Christmas will be a distant memory and William will have turned 5!! Time is a crazy thing!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the Run......

The day is ending, one foot in the bed and I realize yikes I didn't blog.......It has been a busy day from start to finish. We leave for Lompoc tomorrow about noon; going to see some football, soccer and a play. Looking forward to the get away and upon our return the addition will have been painted. Can't wait to see our new look. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why I love the blog..........

I know I have said this before but I will say it again.........I love the blog, I love the internet, I love the computer. And the reason I love it is even though I'm too many miles away I still feel like I'm across the street when I am able to read about your days and see fun pictures. I love the thoughts you share and the recipes you find for me. I love this thing called technology and I don't for the life me understand how anyone would not want to take advantage of it too. Thank you all for sharing it truly does make the miles seem if we could just figure out a way to have Sunday dinner together a little more often, then I would be in heaven.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chocolate in Five


I haven't tried this yet, but it must be good and yes I know this goes completely against my previous Cholesterol Blog but I couldn't not share!
4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
A small splash of vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug
Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again. Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts (high). The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed! Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.

Perfect Thought

I got this in an email this morning and it was for me a perfect thought for my day.

"I know that God loves us. He allows us to exercise our moral agency even when we misuse it. He permits us to make our own decisions. Christ cannot help us if we do not trust Him; He cannot teach us if we do not serve Him. He will not force us to do what’s right, but He will show us the way only when we decide to serve Him. Certainly, for us to serve in His kingdom, Christ requires that we experience a change of thought and attitude."

--Thomas S. Monson, "Looking Back and Moving Forward", Ensign, May 2008, 87–90

Monday, October 20, 2008

Some of this and some of that.........

In June my doctor doubled the strength of my cholesterol medication in an effort to lower my cholesterol level. Well since that had little effect on my cholesterol; going from 239 to 223 doesn't seem like much to me plus not to mention that my triglycerides went from 235 to 275 was less than comforting. I decided that like it or not it was time to really really change the diet. My new favorite foods are oatmeal, brown rice and black beans. Actually, I really do like them. I've stopped drinking milk, soy milk is my new friend. Eating a lot of fish. Rarely bread. Avoid sugar at all costs, which is going to be a challenge what with the holidays fast approaching. Already at work the Halloween candy is making its way into the office. I just run my hands through the bowl then remind myself I have food storage (recently canned) that will need to be consumed before I die!! Although most of that will probably last until I'm 100 since I bought flour and sugar both no-no's for me. The one thing I really wanted, black beans, they didn't have. But has this three week change is heading into week four sometimes you just want something sweet. So tonight I created an apple crisp, with no butter, no flour, no sugar except for the sugar that was in the craisins. I used apples, craisins, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, lemon juice, oatmeal, all bran, almonds, peanut butter (natural) and pure maple syrup (no sugar). I had mine with my vanilla soy milk and it was very tasty!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Attitude..........."The difference between ordeal and adventure." So my old laptop died in a manner of speaking. It seems to work fine for the guy trying to repair it, he tells us he used it all the time (should of charged him rent) but once it is back home it's a blue screen baby every time. Obviously it has an attitude, a bad one. So I ordered a new one, it arrived on Friday and I was very excited to fire it up and see if I could hook it up to the Internet at work so Val could use it there. Since he has no office to go to it makes it hard at times to get his computer work done. Well, I'm happy to report it worked like a charm. So the next challenge was seeing if I could gain remote access to my computer at work from home. Since the new computer as "Vista" I was warned it wouldn't work. See when I hear things like that I think will it be an adventure or an ordeal. In my mind I just for the life of me couldn't see how it wouldn't work. It had to work I reasoned, it is a new computer after all -- why wouldn't work? Don't tell me no it won't work, it just must..........and it does!! I was prepared for the challenge but there was none; no adventure no ordeal!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

More House Progress

Yesterday work was started on the siding. Here are some of the latest views. Also, I took a picture of the shear wall going up the stairs

Friday, October 17, 2008

Even in Smallest Ways

Today I took some washcloths to work to do some cleaning in my office. Simple enough. Keeping that in mind later in the day I realized I hadn't cleaned the kitchen yet. Side note each week we take turns keeping the kitchen cleaned up and this week was my turn. Well, just as I was about to go upstairs the thought went through my head "take one of the washcloths with you" of course I dismissed this idea because there are paper towels in the kitchen which we always used, I reasoned. So I proceeded upstairs. Once in the kitchen I realized yes you guessed no papertowels and none in the cabinet so back down the stairs I went. I really don't know why I would dismiss such a small prompting. It is just amazing to me that yes we can be prompted even in the smallest ways.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The New Math

So let's face it, we all want a good deal. We love the internet because it gives us the option of shopping around and never leaving home. We love this. So last night I'm "surfering" for the best rental car price. This is how it went. I requested pricing for Sunday to the following Monday, 9 days, price $198.00. Then I think well I really don't need the car Monday, so what would the price be for Sunday to Sunday, 8 days; that price would be $349.00. Okay, here is where the "new math" comes in. If I rent the car for 8 days the cost is $349.00. If I rent the car for 9 days the cost is $198.00. So if I rent the car for 10 days would the cost be $47.00? How about I rent the car for 11 days then they could pay me $104.00, that should about cover the gas. Whoever said that the "new math" is hard apparently never rented a car!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Moon

Whenever I see the moon as full as this (I just took this picture; 8:15 pm) I think of each of you. And that the moon I see is the moon you see and it makes the miles not seem so far.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where were you……..

I’m sure you have all had experiences where you remember exactly where you were or what you were doing when you heard the “news.” I know I have.

I know where I was the day of John F. Kennedy’s funeral. I was in the doctor’s office, I had strep throat, I was nine; it was Monday, November 25, 1963.

Oddly enough I remember I had strep throat 10 years later. On Monday, December 31, 1973; Val and I had gone to the late showing of the movie “The Sting” in Salt Lake City and as we were running to the theater on that cold, cold night I developed a very bad sore throat that turned to strep.

On Tuesday, January 28, 1986, I was on my way to get my hair cut when I heard this news; the Space Shuttle Challenger had exploded. I couldn't get the those families involved out of my mind.

On Tuesday, September 5, 1989, we were rushing to Woodland in hopes of seeing Dad one last time. We heard a Code Blue called shortly after arriving at the hospital in Woodland. I remember frantically running to find my friend Susie who was an ER nurse working at the hospital at the time. What I hoped for that day wasn’t meant to be.

On Saturday, March 31, 1990, we had just arrived home from a swim meet. Val was hurriedly changing so he could go to the church to listen to the Priesthood session of conference. He didn’t go to conference that night. We would pack the car and head to Roseville. Val’s brother Doyle had just died of a brain aneurysm. Six months earlier we had buried my Dad.

It was Tuesday again and I was standing in our bedroom watching the news it was September 11, 2001; rarely did we turn the news on in the morning we did for some reason that day. Val had just flown home from Salt Lake the day before. We watched in utter unbelief as did the rest of the country.

This time it was a Thursday and I was at my desk at work. The date was May 15, 2003. Jamison was just two days old. Grant called to tell us she might be blind. I remember trying to say words of comfort to him; later I learned he thought I seemed unconcerned. He didn’t know after hanging up I fell into a heap on the floor weeping in unbelief. So far away I felt. We would leave the next day to be with Grant and Brittani and to meet our sweet Jamison.

On January 7, 2004, a Wednesday, William was born. David calls with the news that they suspect William has Down Syndrome. Again at my desk, this time at home. Again I sat in disbelief; again I felt so far away; could this be true. Although at that point the diagnoses had not been confirmed, my anxiety level was over the top; so far away I felt. Several days later on the way to work I had a melt down so to speak and reached over and grabbed Val’s shirt and ripped it……fortunately we weren’t far from home so we turned around so he could change. I laugh at myself now. When it was confirmed that William did have Down Syndrome I was at my desk at work. Although I knew in my heart of hearts the phone call was merely a confirmation. Again I was weeping, I’m not sure why. At the time we had a college student working for us, her name is Nadine Simms. From time to time she would use the spare desk in my office and on that particular day (and I’m sure for very good reason) she was in my office when I took that phone call. After I hung up she asked me if everything was okay. I proceeded to tell her about William. She smiled and gave me a hug and said, “Oh, everything will be okay.” “He will be a wonderful blessing.” “I have a sister who has Down Syndrome.” I never knew. Nadine was my blessing that day.

On Monday, July 23, 2007, I witnessed the birth of grandbaby number eight, Maxwell Reed Francom. This was the first time I had been able to witness the birth of one of our grandchildren. Priceless.

On Sunday, August 12, 2007, I answered the phone to hear Jim’s voice on the other end say, “she’s gone, Mom’s gone.” Val was in Farmington, New Mexico. I was home alone; at my desk.

On Friday, February 29, 2008, we were at the temple. We felt sure that grandbaby number nine would be a leap year baby. He didn’t; Teigen James Allred was born March 1, 2008, just hours after midnight.

On Wednesday, July 2, 2008, driving down 101 headed for home; just hours earlier we had talked to Kimberly. Little Miss Mary was here! David calls (note to self when David calls hand the phone to Val). I motioned for Val to take the next exit so we could return back to work inasmuch as I had taken work home that night and knew instantly we would be on a plane to Kansas the next day. Back at work I talked with those who are my “working family.” The next morning we were on a flight to Kansas. Mary has Down Syndrome; Kimberly is in surgery.

These are just a few of my “where were you” moments. They are important moments to me and a constant reminder that life is short, life is sweet, and life can change without warning. But most importantly this I know my life is blessed.

Monday, October 13, 2008


We can learn from our leaders of the past. Thomas Edison’s great optimism gives us a quintessential example of welcoming disaster. On a December night in 1914, fire broke out in the film room of Thomas Edison’s laboratory. As his assets were going up in smoke, it would seem that this sixty-seven-year-old man’s spirit would certainly be crushed. Instead he saw the fire and shouted to his son, “Where’s Mom? Go get her! Tell her to get her friends! They’ll never see a fire like this again!” Later, he said,

“You can always make capital out of disaster.
We’ve just cleared out a bunch of old rubbish.
We’ll build bigger and better on the ruins.”
Thomas Edison could not control the circumstances. Rather than being heartbroken to see his life’s work go up in flames, he chose to welcome the opportunity to start over. Edison, known for his overwhelming optimism, is an inspiration for us today.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

One of my favorite movies is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The whole idea of being able to see what life would have been without you is very thought provoking and humbling at the same time. It re-affirms my knowledge and belief that God does direct my life when I listen. Recently, we watched another movie “Family Man” wherein the character was given the opportunity to get a glimpse of his life had he made a different choice. Again causing me to reflect on the choices I have made in my life. Although I know there are some choices/behavior I would rather not re-live I am grateful for the direction and guidance I have felt from a loving Heavenly Father. I know that when I have sought guidance He has been there for me and helped me make correct chooses. I know that in all things I can call on Him. I know that through Him all things are possible. I know I have a “Wonderful Life” because of Him.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Windows and a View......

Here are at the latest pictures (taken this very cold morning). We now have windows and a roof and it is all wrapped up in lovely white and green sheeting. Next comes siding on the outside and insulation and sheetrock on the inside.

We even have rooms with a view

Friday, October 10, 2008

If You Build It They Will Come........

Well that's the theory anyway. So on August 18th was the beginning of our "addition" adventure...First off with the roof

Then no more garage.....

Stay tuned tomorrow........Windows

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just Some Thoughts for Today........

  • Contentment isn't getting what we want but being happy with what we have.
  • It is difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future and impossible to live in the past.
  • You must do the things you think you cannot do.
  • Love is what's left of a relationship after all the selfishness has been removed.
  • Counting blessings is better than recounting problems.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Red Sea

So this is an after thought or a continued thought of yesterday's commute. After the road way was cleared and we continued on our journey home it was like everyone disappeared. For the life of me I don't understand how 90 minutes of none moving traffic in both directions could somehow just disappear. It was weird to me. We were on a two lane mountain road with no where to go, no side roads to turn on to go around the accident yet once we started moving it was like everyone was like the parting of the Red Sea.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So "normally" Val picks me up each day from work between 4:00 and 4:30. Ideally 4:00! But today it was 4:30 when he got to the office and he was worried I would be sitting around waiting for him. But actually today I was busy finishing up a project so he went into my office and got on my computer to check his email. So our "normal" departure time turned into a 5:00 p.m. departure from Cotati. Our travel through Santa Rosa was a breeze. This certainly isn't "normal." So on we travel toward home sailing smoothly along. That is until we started up "the hill." No sooner had we past the 2nd passing lane and were approaching the 3rd passing lane when traffic stopped and I mean Dead Stopped!! Fifteen minutes turned to 30 minutes; 30 minutes turned to 60 minutes and 60 minutes turned to 90!! "Normally" we would have been 30 to 45 minutes ahead, had we left at our "normal" time. Thankfully today was not a "normal" day. Had today been a "normal" day we could have been part of the delay - A Head On!. I'm happy today to sit in the car and draft my blog. "Normally," I couldn't do that while driving over the hill. I'm grateful some days just aren't "normal!"

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Today

Mondays can be overwhelming, up by 4:00 a.m. and on the road by 4:45 a.m. ...... one of the reasons I cut my hair. This day was an extra long one what with Empty Nesters FHE tonight, which I wouldn't miss although I was very tired. So with that in mind, I share this:

"We don’t have to be perfect today. We don’t have to be better than someone else. All we have to do is to be the very best we can." Joseph B. Wirthlin

I needed that thought, thanks Elder Wirthlin!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Blessings of Conference Weekend

And so tonight ends another Conference weekend. Recently we have started the tradition of having Rick and Lynette come up for the weekend to enjoy Conference with us. They come up Saturday between the morning and afternoon sessions. After watching the afternoon session together the men get ready to go to the Priesthood session up at the church. During their absence Lynette and I usually prepare dinner and visit. This year I helped her start her own blog. We always have a wonderful time together and this year was no exception. Tonight we reflected on our wonderful friends and the many experiences we have shared with them over the years. I look forward to sharing many more of these Conference weekends with them. Their friendship is our blessing. Thanks Rick and Lynette!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cleaning for Company

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done and when it comes to cleaning, well that always falls low on my totem pole. Someone once told me she loved when company came to visit because it was her only incentive to clean her house. I loved that thought and although I love a clean house it always seems like there is something better to do then scrub toilets and mop the floor. But I have to admit I have fallen in the trap of that idea; no ones coming so that toilet can wait another day and the dust can continue to grow. So, currently we are in month two of a remodel on our house and with this remodel/addition has come much dust and dirt, which has conveniently found a resting place inside our home - the part that no work is being done on! A fact that adds insult to my injury. Since I spend more time at work than at home I kind of ignore it even though it has started to drive me crazy. But is coming so today was cleaning day and wow I feel great! Tired and sore but great. Today I feel blessed to have a clean home and good friends to share the weekend with!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Eating Cookies

So it is raining and I'm not sure I'm ready for the weather of that kind. However, I'm sure that the rain at this time is probably an answer to someone's prayers. Our fire season this year started well before its time, so in reality this rain is a good thing. As I sit at my desk and type and the cool breeze floats through the window I have to say it is a refreshing change from some the hot days we have experienced in the past. SO as I was straightening up around the house tonight (Rick and Lynette are coming up for the weekend) I came across this note:

"Life is too short to dwell on every bump in the road try to take pleasure in the simple things - in short eat a cookie!"

I think I shall!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day Two of 31 for 21

Well the challenge is on and today is only day two. I have put in a 12+ hour work day and could easily call it a day but I love a challenge and so for day two of this 31 day challenge I would like to share this thought.

“There comes a time when you must make yourself that person you want to become; work, progress, and rejoice in the change.”

I received this “thought” in a Relief Society meeting over 25 years ago; it is still posted on the wall in my office after all these years. And after all these years I’m still working and progressing and yes, I do rejoice in the changes and wonderful blessings I have been given as I have tried to become the person I want to be!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Buy That I Have It!

So I have always had a hard time getting rid of things. Because every time, without fail I might add, I want or need the thing I have gotten rid of. I know that keeping stuff can get to be very problematic as new stuff joins the ranks what should I do with old stuff. Still it is hard to let go. Sometimes I think I'm doing better, other times not so much. And I realize the day will come and my children (except for Kimberly who inherited my "don't get rid of it gene") will be shaking their collective heads and saying, "why does she still have this!" I know and have heard every reason not to be such a collector but still I have a hard time letting go. That said, I received the validation I have longed for and it came from an unlikely source. So, first let me say Max has started Cub Scouts and like all Cub Scouts he needed a shirt. I thought wouldn't it be great if I still had one of the boys shirts from their Cub Scout days to give to Max. Granted, it has been 17 years since I had a Cub Scout but still I love the idea that Max would be wearing the shirt worn by my two boys; who went on to become Eagle Scouts and are now wonderful husbands and fathers. Well, lo and behold Dad found the shirt in storage one Saturday so I cleaned it up and sewed on the appropriate patches and gave it to Max. This begins me to today. Max was riding with his Mother and said "SuSu always has stuff." She asked him what he meant by that. And Max's reply was, "you know, whenever you need something, she says, 'no, no, no, don't buy that I have it!'" So, I guess sometimes it is okay to keep stuff!! Thanks Max you're the best....YIPPEEE!

Monday, September 29, 2008

So Maybe I Will

So yesterday on my way to church for most of my 30 minute drive I followed a motorcycle. If I were a bike-riding type, yesterday would have been a perfect day to ride. The weather was great for a ride of that sort plus the fall colors are really starting to take over. What caught my attention about this experience (even though I’ve seen it before) was what the driver did each time an oncoming bike passed him. He would ever so watchfully reach out his hand in an almost “low-five” sort of way to the oncoming biker who in kind would do the same to him. The only bond between these individuals was two wheels; the fact that their bikes ranged from a crouch rocket to a Harley didn’t matter at that point. It was like they were part of some sort of brotherhood or something. So I thought to myself wouldn’t it be something if as drivers of cars we were more courteous and friendly to the other drivers? Maybe we think because we are inside a car we don’t need to show the same courtesy; we aren’t vulnerable and we don’t care what we say or how we act because we are inside “the car.” So next I time I think I will just wave on that driver who is in such a hurry, maybe he is rushing his wife to the hospital to have their first child or maybe she is rushing to pick up her child from school because the child is sick or maybe ……… the “maybes” are endless!! So maybe we should care and so maybe I will!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So I Remember.......

From time to time I think about days gone by and although I have never written much there are a few entries that I think are worth sharing and I still remember them. This particular journal entry is dated March 25, 1979, and goes like this:

"Today was a beautiful sunny Sunday. Amy, Grant and I attended church. Val had to work at a Mobile Home Show at Cal Expo. Bishop Van Dyke conducted Fast meeting. After he bore his testimony he said that there were some children on the stand who wanted to bare their testimonies and invited any others who wanted to come up. I was in the quiet room with Grant and didn't realize Amy had gone up. I listened to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, then a child got up but I could only hear the voice of Sister Fisher (the Junior Sunday School Coordinator) and I thought 'what child went up there but isn't saying anything?' So I walked out and there stood Amy. I could hardly believe my eyes. She whispered she loved her parents and Heavenly Father. But to tell the truth its hard to remember much, my heart was so full and my eyes full of tears. She was so proud and I'm so proud of her. I only wish I could of stood up and been as brave as she was. To be as a child and have no fear; only the fear we seem to teach our children. I only hope I can encourage our children to share their testimonies openly and freely and harbor no fear."

To all my children thank you for your example and your inspiration; you are all amazing. To Amy I am still proud of you today, Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can't Live Without So......

I’m sure you are familiar with the word so, we hear it and use it all the time. For example:

  • So long;
  • So did you hear the news;
  • Say it isn’t so;
  • So what;
  • So much for that;
  • So be it;
  • I am so glad;
  • So far so good;
  • I’m so fat;
  • She’s so skinny;
  • She’s so fine;
  • So what’s your point;
  • Because I said so;
  • That’s so nice of you;
  • Did you hear what so and so said.
  • And so on and so on..........

You get the picture. If you really stopped and listened you would be amazed at just how many “so’s” are out there! I love so, so much that I have my own use of so and anyone that knows me knows that when I say “so”with just the right tone in my voice………..I’m changing the subject! So there you have it!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So I'm Jumping In..........

So the thing is I really do like to write. But most of my writing goes on in my head. For some reason I can never get it down on paper; maybe it is a time thing, I’m always driving, which makes it hard to see the car in front of you when you are looking down at a note pad or in the shower which makes for soggy paper, or maybe it is a writer’s block thing…….the minute I sit down everything pops into my head but the thing I want to write about. Now I’m thinking that just maybe this “blog thing” will clear the writer’s block for me because you see I love technology and I love computers and I love to sit at my computer for hours on end which at times is not a good thing inasmuch as I don’t always accomplish what I should elsewhere around the house; sorry making your bed is totally overrated!! But today is my day to move forward and actually get started and I want to thank my inspirations; Kimberly, who is driving quite well without hands, Brittani, whose shoes were made for running and Amy who is crazy enough to be my own and is. Love you all! So now we must enlisted Ashley. So until next time………