Friday, July 30, 2010


It's not just food you learn about on the Food Network. You can also learn about dreams.

Dreams do come true!

~~ Vera Stewart
"Throwdown with Bobby Flay"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Wondering.......

Some spell it “ketchup” and some spell it “catsup.”

Some say “catch-up” and some say “cats-up”

What say you?

Apparently people have quite an opinion about their “catch-up”

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


During the month of July I had many fun and fascinating conversations with G6.  This one was a personal favorite. 

G6: "Why don't you have kids?"
Me: "Ah, I do have kids."
G6: "What's their name?"
Me: "D1 & D2."
G6: "Where are they?"
Me: "On a trip."
G6: "Do you have boys?"
Me: "Yes."
G6: "What's their name?"
Me: "S1 & S2."
G6: "How old are they."
Me.: "They are 34, 32, 29, and 27."
 G6: "Do you have any more kids?"
Me: "Do you want a fruit snack?"
Conversation over........for the moment!
It is so hard for little kids to understand the age thing in families and who belongs to who sometimes.....I love how their minds work.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tent City

I will be reflecting back for a while on my July adventure. So today I'm talking about Tent City. As we prepped the house for the grans, we transformed our living room into a playroom of sorts. All breakables were removed. Well almost all, I forgot one of the marble tiles in the fireplace was not glued in so it was a casualty; I never liked that tile anyway, mostly because it was never glued down. So all toys and fun stuff was moved to the playroom. We bought a tent which had a tunnel attached and filled the tent with 100 fun plastic balls. By the end of the month a tepee was added to the room; said tepee was made by my mother for our kiddos to play in. (Some things I just can't give away)  Also, added to the room was a princess castle. You can't have dress up clothes without the proper residence to reside in I learned. Princesses don't live in tents or tepees..........who knew. Last night as we picked up toys and took down the tent, tepee and princess castle it felt a little bit like cleaning up after the circus had been to town.......not that I've ever been in a circus.......I'm more of the zoo type!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nothing Left but the Memories.....

We anticipated this month long "gran" adventure for months.  We lived to tell.  It was an amazing time.  We learned so much about us and about them.  We learned we have amazing children, who are incredible parents.  We have been blessed by this experience.  I can't believe it is over.  I miss those who were here and those who weren't.  I miss the hugs and kisses.  I miss the laughter and the sound of little feet.  I miss the requests for pool time, for puzzle time and for I want to eat time. It must be time to plan another trip.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Generation Gap

Two of the guys in the shop were working on putting up a new shelf in my office today. They left for lunch but after lunch only one returned. I asked the returning one, “hey, where’s your sidekick?” He replied, “Oh, I don't have a sidekick, I have an iPhone.”  Really??