Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Through a child's eye......

Got this as part of an email........"letters to God written by children." It made me smile!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Impressions or Random Useful Thoughts

From time to time I’ll have impressions or thoughts come to me which require action on my part. Many times the impression is so simple that I find myself dismissing the thought knowing I can simply do it later. I’m not talking about life altering actions. I’ve had thoughts as simple as “go change the sheets in the back bedroom” or “you need to put a certain article of clothing away.” In both cases I knew I needed to take care of these things but in both cases I put off the task to take care of another day. In both cases I should have listened and taken care of those things when the impression came to me – in both cases I would have avoided “fall out” from not following through when the impression first came!!

Recently as I was rushing out the door for church I felt impressed to go check out a “clicking” noise coming from the kitchen. More than once I dismissed the impression thinking, “it is just the dishwasher you need to hurry you are going to be late!” But just as I was at the front door I heard the “click” again and again felt the impression to go check it out. My thought was okay-okay I hear you I will check it out. Well it wasn’t the dishwasher it was the panni grill which I had NOT unplugged. Maybe I am starting to listen to that still small voice………I hope so!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Words to Live By

From time to time in my reading I come across messages which inspire me and which I like to share. This You Tube video is from a BYU Devotional, given on May 14 1996, by Elder F. Enzio Busche and is well worth sharing and listening to again and again. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is the Closest We Have Ever Been!

Whenever we went on a trip with the kids a question that was commonly asked was, "how much further will it be?" And in response the answer was always, "this is the closest we have ever been!" Well, today I can say that to myself about the house, "this is the closest we have ever been!" Today we had the carpet laid and the blinds hung. So what's left you ask? The punch list goes something like this............
  • Doors need to be hung
  • Tile entryway
  • Remove door and refinish door frame leading to upstairs
  • Shelves in closets and storage closet
  • Some electrical to finish up
  • Move sound system upstairs
  • Touch up painting (Ashley & Justin can you come back)
  • Paint the garage
  • Cement work for third-bay garage
It has been seven months since we started this project. And now that the dust is finally starting to disappear we are so excited and can hardly believe that this is the closest we have ever been!