Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mottos to Live By.......

When the kids were little I made up a motto for each of them. For some reason today I’ve been thinking of those mottos. I am a “saver” and actually found the index cards they were written on. I know it is crazy that I still have those cards and even crazier that I was able to find them so quickly. Yellow for Amy, green for Grant, red for Kimberly and blue for Justin. I share their mottos and a picture of them from December 1983 and another picture from 1994.
As I stand for the right,
I will be a beacon of light.
This I do proudly too,
As I live the gospel true.
Families Forever.
Friends smiling bright.
Keeping a positive attitude
Day and Night!
I may be small,
But my smile is bright!
I always stand
For truth and right!
I may be tough,
But I am good!
I always do the
Things I should!
As I think about each one of these motto today; I believe I see your motto in each of you!!
I love you guys!