Monday, September 29, 2008

So Maybe I Will

So yesterday on my way to church for most of my 30 minute drive I followed a motorcycle. If I were a bike-riding type, yesterday would have been a perfect day to ride. The weather was great for a ride of that sort plus the fall colors are really starting to take over. What caught my attention about this experience (even though I’ve seen it before) was what the driver did each time an oncoming bike passed him. He would ever so watchfully reach out his hand in an almost “low-five” sort of way to the oncoming biker who in kind would do the same to him. The only bond between these individuals was two wheels; the fact that their bikes ranged from a crouch rocket to a Harley didn’t matter at that point. It was like they were part of some sort of brotherhood or something. So I thought to myself wouldn’t it be something if as drivers of cars we were more courteous and friendly to the other drivers? Maybe we think because we are inside a car we don’t need to show the same courtesy; we aren’t vulnerable and we don’t care what we say or how we act because we are inside “the car.” So next I time I think I will just wave on that driver who is in such a hurry, maybe he is rushing his wife to the hospital to have their first child or maybe she is rushing to pick up her child from school because the child is sick or maybe ……… the “maybes” are endless!! So maybe we should care and so maybe I will!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So I Remember.......

From time to time I think about days gone by and although I have never written much there are a few entries that I think are worth sharing and I still remember them. This particular journal entry is dated March 25, 1979, and goes like this:

"Today was a beautiful sunny Sunday. Amy, Grant and I attended church. Val had to work at a Mobile Home Show at Cal Expo. Bishop Van Dyke conducted Fast meeting. After he bore his testimony he said that there were some children on the stand who wanted to bare their testimonies and invited any others who wanted to come up. I was in the quiet room with Grant and didn't realize Amy had gone up. I listened to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, then a child got up but I could only hear the voice of Sister Fisher (the Junior Sunday School Coordinator) and I thought 'what child went up there but isn't saying anything?' So I walked out and there stood Amy. I could hardly believe my eyes. She whispered she loved her parents and Heavenly Father. But to tell the truth its hard to remember much, my heart was so full and my eyes full of tears. She was so proud and I'm so proud of her. I only wish I could of stood up and been as brave as she was. To be as a child and have no fear; only the fear we seem to teach our children. I only hope I can encourage our children to share their testimonies openly and freely and harbor no fear."

To all my children thank you for your example and your inspiration; you are all amazing. To Amy I am still proud of you today, Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can't Live Without So......

I’m sure you are familiar with the word so, we hear it and use it all the time. For example:

  • So long;
  • So did you hear the news;
  • Say it isn’t so;
  • So what;
  • So much for that;
  • So be it;
  • I am so glad;
  • So far so good;
  • I’m so fat;
  • She’s so skinny;
  • She’s so fine;
  • So what’s your point;
  • Because I said so;
  • That’s so nice of you;
  • Did you hear what so and so said.
  • And so on and so on..........

You get the picture. If you really stopped and listened you would be amazed at just how many “so’s” are out there! I love so, so much that I have my own use of so and anyone that knows me knows that when I say “so”with just the right tone in my voice………..I’m changing the subject! So there you have it!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So I'm Jumping In..........

So the thing is I really do like to write. But most of my writing goes on in my head. For some reason I can never get it down on paper; maybe it is a time thing, I’m always driving, which makes it hard to see the car in front of you when you are looking down at a note pad or in the shower which makes for soggy paper, or maybe it is a writer’s block thing…….the minute I sit down everything pops into my head but the thing I want to write about. Now I’m thinking that just maybe this “blog thing” will clear the writer’s block for me because you see I love technology and I love computers and I love to sit at my computer for hours on end which at times is not a good thing inasmuch as I don’t always accomplish what I should elsewhere around the house; sorry making your bed is totally overrated!! But today is my day to move forward and actually get started and I want to thank my inspirations; Kimberly, who is driving quite well without hands, Brittani, whose shoes were made for running and Amy who is crazy enough to be my own and is. Love you all! So now we must enlisted Ashley. So until next time………