Monday, January 21, 2013

Extra Day

I love it when I have an extra day in the week.  I would love it even more if the week were 8 days instead of 7.  We have legislation for everything else why can’t we have that?  So when I have a non-work, non-weekend day in a week it is a thing of beauty for me.  On this non-work, non-weekend day I did get a few things done for which I would like to go on record for having done them.

  • Slept in until 7:45’ish; loved it;
  • Washed two loads of laundry; they are not folded, just washed;
  • Cleaned my oven; it was in rough shape;
  • Cleaned up the kitchen; it was calling out to me;
  • Cleaned up my desk; it is a daily process but it is clearer then it has been for a while;
  • Used my “Neat” scanner; love the paper it eliminates;
  • Paid a bill and balanced the checkbook; yuck;
  • Did some much needed shredding; I love to shred stuff;
  • Organized the dog’s shot records; keeping track of their vaccinations can get crazy;
  • Made several moves on Words with Friends; it is a free day after all;
  • Did some MBE work; even on a non-work day sometimes I just have to get a couple of steps ahead of the game because I never know what tomorrow will bring! 


Kimberly said...

Lists are fabulous! Look at all you've done!!

Erin said...

Well you deserved an extra day for sure!