Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gift Giving

First let me just say, not blogging everyday could be a problem for me.  I thought it might be easier to just let it go then it actually has been.  Last night I wrote a great post and posted it and went to bed.  This morning when I checked my blog poof it was gone.  Gone.  Gone into the abyss of the internet world.  So sad it is gone. So I’ll try again.

We were given a wonderful gift from dear friends for Christmas.  “The Gifts of Love: A Christmas Message” by Henry B. Eyring.  I started to read it then stopped because I wanted to share the read with Mr. Man.  So together we read through it.  I didn’t realize at the start that the words in this message would touch my heart so profoundly and come spilling out my eyes.  I had tears aplenty.

There is so much more to just giving.  Being able to be a good receiver is equally important.  Life is so full of opportunities to give and receive.  To do good. To be better. To become the best we can be. 

Sometimes we say, “I’m doing my best!”  But “saying” something is so, so different than actually “doing!”  Doing takes action, it takes thoughtful planning.  Better get started.

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