Monday, August 19, 2013

Did It Happen?

I could hardly wait for the summer to begin and it seems as if it went by so fast I’m wondering now if it really happened. Well rest assured it did happen and as I’ve let days and now weeks go by I’m realizing I’ve forgotten some important moments! I hate when that happens but I shall try to recreate the last 8+ weeks…..hang on!
  • On June 19th Val’s dad died.  It had been a long time coming, it was a blessing but even so it is an emotional time.  We left for Idaho as soon as we were able that day; going to Utah first.  We only got as far as Fernley inasmuch as there were no vacancy in Winnemucca (go figure).
  • The funeral was on Saturday, June 22nd.  All of our children and grandchildren came; just missing one SIL and Gran#1.  It was amazing to all be together to honor the life of Val’s dad.
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  • Monday, June 23rd I left Utah with DIL2.  Val flew home.  We drove to Reno; ending at her grandparent’s home.
  • Tuesday, D1 and D2 and kids left Utah for California driving the Suburban; they picked me up in Reno and we headed home.
  • On June 29th DIL 2 came to our house after having visited with various family and friends in Reno and the Sacramento area.
  • At this point we had 9 grans and 3 mothers at the house.  It was heaven.
  • July 2nd we celebrated Gran#10’s 5th birthday.  It was a Mickey Mouse Event!
  • On July 3rd after much wonderment if it was really going to happen due to work commitments S2 was able to fly in and join us.
  • On the 4th of July brought SIL1 and our annual pancake breakfast.  This year we had our smallest turn out.  But we had the most family members.  A happy trade off.
  • July 5th we were up and out early for a trip to Six Flags. A fun time was had by all.
2012-07-04 13.27.07-22012-07-04 15.07.072012-07-04 17.53.56 Well most of us….
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  • On Sunday, July 7th D1 and her family left for home.  Well most of them.  We convinced them to leave Gran2 here until D2 traveled back to Utah on the 21st!
  • During the sweltering and I mean surface of the sun-like July temperatures we made the best of our time together.  Melting at the zoo and Fairytale Town in Sacramento.  I appreciate my grans and their parents indulging me in sharing my childhood memories of Fairytale Town and William Land Park. Days were spent at our little beach in the community we live in.  And just a lot of together time.  Late nights in the hot tub or just simply hours of laugher.  Lots of water, laundry and food.  It was the best of the best!
  • On July 11th S2 and his family left for home. 
  • We were down to four grans, it was piece of cake.
  • D2 stayed as I mentioned until July 21st.  She drove back to Utah with her three children, D1’s daughter and my brother’s three children.  Yes, your math is correct, seven children!!
  • She wasn’t gone 24 hours and I was already pining for them and concerned for her and the last leg of her trip……..home to Kansas.
  • So I did what anyone would do right?  I hitched a ride to Utah on Thursday, the 25th with my brother.  He was going to pick up his kids she had taken to Utah on Sunday, the 21st.  We had a great trip together.
  • The morning of Friday, July 26th I headed to Kansas with D2 and her three children and a very very very packed car.  In my mind the trip would take about 16 hours.  On paper the trip should take about 14 hours.  But in reality it took us 21 hours.  We did not get lost.  I don’t know why it took us so long.  I just know angels were with us every step of the way.
  • On Saturday, July 27th, Happy Anniversary to D2 and her very patient husband who lived without her and their three children for 6 weeks.  They took me to the airport in Kansas City and then were off for a fun weekend.  I flew home and was home by 9:00 I think.  By that point I had no concept of time.
That is a wrap for July.  It was an amazing month of goodness.  I know I have pictures somewhere.  They will have to be added later.  I can’t thank my family enough for making our July more than fabulous.

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Absolute crazy bliss! Welcome back :-)