Saturday, September 7, 2013


It was Naomi that came to my mind as we walked home from church last Sunday. There I was walking with my two daughter-in-laws and their eight children. As we walked home that short distance, sun blazing, my heart was bursting at the seams and tears were clouding my eyes. And all that kept running through my mind was Naomi and how she too must have been overcome with joy, appreciation, and love. Once settled at home, clothes changed and most of us fed I took a moment to again read the Book of Ruth. Again my heart swelled as I thought of my circumstance. Our men, husband and sons, were out on a four-day hunting trip. And the women in their lives came together for those four days. It was magical for me. I'm not sure how it happened those many years ago. I'm almost positive my sons did not have me in mind when choosing their eternal companion. In fact, I'm certain I was the furthest thing from their mind and rightfully so. But I was blessed then and continue to be blessed today by the most wonderful, amazing and stalwart women a mother could ask for, for her sons. 2013-09-01 18.39.23

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