Monday, October 24, 2011

My 21

Inasmuch as this is the month of 31 for 21 I’ve decided to prepare a list of my own 21.  So here are my 21 things that I think are the best part about being a grandparent.

1.            There are 13 of them;
2.           The oldest 8 and the youngest 1 (oh how I love to share that part);
3.           They always (at least so far) love to see us;
4.           Sometimes they prefer me over Mom (I’m a push over);
5.           I can sugar them up and then turn them over to Mom and Dad;
6.           Diapers aren’t my responsibility;
7.           I might say yes, when Mom and Dad might say no;
8.           Getting to travel to visit them;
9.           Having them visit us;
10.       I learn from them;
11.         Reading to them;
12.       Having them sharing their accomplishments;
13.        Watching them sing and dance;
14.       Receiving artwork from them;
15.        All their hugs and kisses;
16.       Their goodness;
17.        Watching them play with each other;
18.       Playing games with them;
19.       They are just so perfect (in my eyes);
20.      Watching their parents raise them;
21.       I’m their SuSu!


Mike and Julie said...

That's a great list for grans!

Brittani said...

they do say that grandkids are your reward for not killing your own children!!!