Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marching through the Madness

Each year our family puts together a bracket for March Madness; the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  This is serious stuff.  Every year Mr. Man and I have combined our efforts and make just one bracket for ourselves.  And every year I say, “I need to do my own!” Finally this year I did it.  I studied out the teams, I did my homework.  In the beginning I felt sure I had put together a winning bracket.  The games began but my picks were falling like flies and since I hadn’t picked upsets, although when they lost it was upsetting to me, I was receiving no bonus points either.  So I was continually a bottom dweller; I was so sad and disheartened! But as time went on my number one pick, my overall winning pick, continued to battle to the top!  I was keeping my fingers crossed.  And alas they pulled it off!! 

Way to go Louisville you made me

a winner first time out!!

March Madness


Amy said...

Yeah! It was a crazy tourney, that's for sure.

Kimberly said...

Nice hustle!!