Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weighty Matters

Years ago a young friend suggested I toss out my scale. She said, “just judge your weight by how your pants feel!  If they're too tight cut back a bit. You don't need to keep looking at the numbers on a scale to help you.”

Fast forward. I failed to think about the young 20 something person I was dealing with who could just drop a few pounds simply by running around the block and skipping lunch for one day. My 50 plus body likes to keep all things good. Like fat and stuff. A walk around the block does nothing more than annoying my body. And the thought of missing a meal sends my stomach into loud protests.

So now I contemplate whether to buy new pants that won't protest my hip addition or a new scale.  I think I’ll go with the scale; I prefer numbers over clothes shopping any day!  Or maybe I’ll just go buy a pair of shoes or a purse; neither of those items will betray me.  Now that I can count on!

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