Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh May

There has been a lot the past two weeks in this month of May that has left me with a heavy heart.  A neighbor and less activity member of the church lost her brother, his wife and four year old nephew in a house fire.  Initially when I had read about it in the paper my feelings of sadness was great; but then when I could put a face to it the sadness became even more keen.   Then on Mother’s Day a nine year old autistic girl with the mental capacity of a toddler who was visiting our area went missing; law enforcement used the church as a command post in the rescue effort.  Sadly three days later her body was discovered in the creek where she had wandered off to and subsequently drowned.  Again my heart was weighed down by the heaviness of the loss of such a choice spirit.

So with a heavy heart I ask myself what can I do?  I was preparing for Sharing Time and came across a quote that went something like this: Get out of your house and do something for someone else!  I think I shall!!

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