Monday, May 6, 2013

Wasting Time

I’m not a fan of wasting time.  But who is?  If you are raise your hand, I have a project for you!! 

It is a simple one actually or at least I thought it was.  I went online to my “American Greeting Card” create your own greeting card account.  Found the card I wanted went to personalize it.  First page not a problem.  Oh did you want to edit the inside and the back.  Good luck with that.  You can preview it.  But don’t you darn try to change anything.  After numerous attempts…nothing.  Then I get so annoyed I have to Google the problem…nothing again.  So then I go to the “chat” of course they are closed.  I want to solve this issue now.  But do you see what is happening here……I’m wasting time.  All because I wanted to make my own card.  All because I don’t have time to stop at the store.  All because I don’t want to waste time reading every card in the store.  Forget it I’ll just send my personal shopper.  He knows how to get in and get out.  He’s not a time waster.

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