Saturday, June 1, 2013

Last of May

Yesterday was May first and now we are at the end; actually it is June 1st.  No words!  Well, that’s not true I have a few:

  • I’m reconsidering how I make my lists. I have “list distraction” so instead of writing things down before I need to do them I write it down after I have done them.  I love to cross things off.  Seems like I get more that way too.  Don’t ask, it just works sometimes.
  • We had four great birthdays in May. 
  • First this little guy turned three and he is ready to ride!2013-05-27 14.52.46
  • The second great birthday was this extra special girl’s. She is our first and turned 10!2013-05-27 14.51.59
  • The third birthday, was my Dad’s.  If still living on this earth he would have been 83 years old; not sure how heavenly years are counted. On May 17th I officially have lived longer on this earth than my dad did.  I think about that a lot.
  • The fourth great birthday was this girl’s.  She is one amazing girl and is a year away from 8!    2013-05-27 14.35.08
  • Our Memorial Day Saturday was wonderful.2012-05-24 13.36.572012-05-24 15.06.482012-05-24 16.46.47
  • Didn’t know it at the time but a tender mercy was had on our travels that Saturday.  We had stopped on the way home to observe a herd of elk. (Stopping was the tender mercy) After we proceeded onward we were slowed by oncoming travelers alerting us to the fact that there had been a bad accident just ahead.  A motorcyclist had lost control of his bike throwing them into the guard rail; he and his female passenger (62 and 60) both died at the scene.  When we passed by the CHP hadn’t even arrived yet; thankfully fire personnel were there.  So grateful for those elk and that we stopped to stare at them while they stared at us.
  • Saying good-bye isn’t always easy.  But good friends don’t say good-bye right?  They say, “see you later!”  Parting is such sweet sorrow.  Miss you “B”!!!
  • We are on the hunt for the perfect, we will go back often, the only place we love to go camping spot.  It has to meet a couple of crucial requirements; dog friendly and not a million miles from home, oh and we don’t want to be camping on top of our neighbor.  That doesn’t seem hard.  We haven’t found it yet but I know we will; this is our year.
  • A lot more on my mind what it will have to wait for a future post.
  • Welcome to June world!!  Summer is upon us!!


Anonymous said...

See you Later Sue Sue

miss you too 'B'

Amy said...

I think about Papa, your age, dads age a lot...