Monday, June 17, 2013

No Service No Time - Part One

Growing up camping was the vacation of choice for my parents. Tahoe was the camping spot destination. I remember we went a lot. However, how much a lot was I don't remember. We were tent campers. The going waned when food was stolen from our cooler; by hippies according to my dad. And as I got older the desire to camp was less than a cool thing to do in my finite teenage brain. So between teenage brain and hippies it became a less desirable experience for my parents and in time we stopped going. As a youth I was encouraged to attend Girl’s Camp; I went for four years. I'm not sure why I HATED it and swore after the first year I would NEVER go back. Guess that goes to show the power of peer pressure. My dislike was really rooted in one thing; bathrooms. I simply abhor gross bathrooms. I just can't can't can't do them. I'm fine with limited showers. I can live with the dirt. Even the bugs I’m okay with; for the most part!! But it is those pesky bathrooms that just undo me.

Two years ago we purchased a camper. A requirement of course was a bathroom; which it had. It is perfect for us. It is like a tiny and I mean tiny apartment. And so Mother Nature and I have come to terms with each other and have learned to co-habitat beautifully. Stay tuned for Part Two of No Service No Time!

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