Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There is Goodness

I love to read the newspaper.  Sometimes….well most of the time the news is not so good.  Lately I’ve been limiting my intake because of all the unfortunate human tragedy the news is filled with.  I need upbeat stuff.  I need good news stuff.  I need stuff that lifts me up.  Mostly I turn to the Ensign to fill my need for uplifting reading.  This article did just that.  It made me reflect on all the good thankful things in my life.  Then I found this blog.  I found it through the newspaper; I didn’t say I stopped reading it completely.  And nice to know that not every article in the newspaper leaves me feeling like a ton of bricks after reading it. 
These two articles…….well all I can say is:
“I love the way they made me feel!”

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