Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This time of year it seems like time speeds up.  It actually starts the downhill fly in July when I start seeing Christmas stuff in the stores; a good reason to avoid going to the store.  So hard to see Christmas in July.  And then we come to October…….and time should just be flying by like the speed of sound, right?  Well it would be except when you have to wait for a medical procedure.  Yup Mr. Man is having more heart issues.  Instead of stopping now it is racing.  As he puts it, it is stuck in 3rd gear and won’t gear down.  So he has to have it shocked!  I know sounds serious and anything to do with the heart is but we are confident in his new cardiologist and we just wish October 22nd would come soon rather than later.


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Mike and Julie said...

So sorry to hear this! We're keeping you both in our prayers. Hugs!