Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Countdown

So there was a time when it wasn’t until the day after Thanksgiving that Christmas would start popping out.  The thought of shopping or decorating any sooner was simply unheard of; at least in my world.  Well, fast forward and now, and now there is Christmas stuff in October, in September and sometimes I’ve even seen it in July.  Really people!?!  I’ve been kicking and screaming for years about this, it just didn’t seem right.  Well, after 3 million years of kicking and screaming over this I decided to flip the switch and do all the shopping early, not the decorating mind you but yes to the shopping.  I’ve tried in the past to get shopping done early; you know like by December 23rd or something like that.  But this year I started early like October early, I think I even got stuff in September.  This has been crazy for me.  I discovered anything I wanted was available, awesome.  I’m discovering that the stress that is sometimes associated with Christmas isn’t going to be there for me because I will be done before Thanksgiving and not starting after Thanksgiving when time goes at lightning speed.  I’m getting excited to decorate and enjoy the decorations.  I didn’t think I would ever say this but shopping before Thanksgiving is a wonderful thing and I’m so thankful to have the shopping and shipping behind me.


Amy said...

I love to get my shopping done by Thanksgiving. It doesn't always happen, but I try. I usually have stuff tucked away really early in the year, saving things for birthdays and Christmas. Makes December so much more enjoyable.

Brittani said...

i usually start my shopping in oct with almost all done my december. it is so nice and so little stress. It makes Christmas so fun, I LOVE IT! Now i have to say I will not start listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving!

Ashley Allred said...

Score! Way to go! I know we are already done with the boys except for some minor stocking details. it feels great. i love amazon! ;) Can't wait till Christmas. I'm one of those that CAN NOT wait to listen to christmas music or decorate until after thanksgiving...but i am! It's just that i love christmas decor and seems too short to get to enjoy it.