Saturday, November 12, 2011

Short Version

Developed pink eye; not thankful for that.
Called the doctor’s office left a message for the advice nurse to call me.
She doesn’t.
Called the doctor’s office again, left another message.
Finally got a return call.
Explained my symptoms, also said I hoped not to come down the hill to see the doctor,  just looking for a prescription, please.  
No promises but she would call back.
Waiting, waiting, waiting……..six hours waiting.
Call again.
Oh yes we called that prescription into Costco.
Really………thanks for listening but like I mentioned I didn't want to go over the hill, 
could you please call our local pharmacy?
More phone calls to straighten out the non-listening.
Thank you Coyote Valley Pharmacy for listening and for coming through.


Kimberly said...

Glad someone listened!

Brittani said...

If only people would figure out that it is so much easier to do it right the first time!