Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Goat

I have a goat.  Well I don’t own the goat.  I just like to think of him as mine.  I’m not sure what kind of goat he is.  He looks more like a wooly mammoth.  Most days I see him on our journey to work. He is just hanging out on the side of the mountain hill munching away.   He is a big eater.  He makes me nervous sometimes because the hill is so steep and the ground so rocky.  Mr. Man has seen him on the other side of the road; which is disappointing to me to think he would dare cross the road.  Doesn’t he know he could get hit?? Crazy goat! 

 I just wish he wouldn't get so close to the edge.
 This is one awesome goat!

(p.s. I know I need a better camera...maybe someday!)

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