Monday, February 13, 2012

The Price of Gas

No one wants to hear this really and in fact this really, really dates me but I remember as a teenager when we would put a dollars worth of gas in the car and drive forever.  A dollar would get us four gallons.  Do the math people that's twenty-five cents a gallon!  Now that's crazy.  Twenty-five cents a's true.  Hey Dad can I have a quarter?  I need to put gas in the car.  When I think of it now compared to the almost four dollars for one gallon we pay it is hard to wrap my head around the fact we only paid twenty-five cents.  But then I only made ten cents an hour babysitting.............and that is not a joke!  And no I'm not 100 years old. And no I didn't walk barefoot to school uphill in both directions.  But I did walk to school alone and it was a mile away.  I don't remember it being a mile; I remember it being more like 5 miles.  Strange how childhood memories grow.  But the twenty-five cents a gallon that's a fact!!

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Brittani said...

my grandpa tells us stories of how he would take my nanny to dinner and a movie for 25 cents...inflation, such a funny thing!