Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We all have them.  By definition it means an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically.  And that’s the key word to this habit business automatically.  As we all know there are good habits and bad habits.  But this isn’t so much about those differences it is just more to the point of the automatic business.  Case in point.  Each Sunday I go to church; this isn’t a habit this is our way of life and I would change nothing in that.  But each Sunday I automatically go to the same pew…’s a habit!  I just automatically go to the west side of the building and to a side pew five rows from the back.  I do it without thinking week after week without fail.  Interestingly this is a very common habit on Sunday.  In fact many times you know exactly who is missing because their pew is empty.  It is not like we have assigned seating it just seems to be the thing we do…..sit in the same place week after week.  Well last Sunday I decided it was high time I mixed it up so I did.  I went into the chapel on the East side and sat in the second row in the middle no less.  It was crazy.  People wondered what was going on, why I changed my spot?!?  It was energizing and I just might never sit in the same place twice again!


Amy said...

You... change seats in church! What IS the world coming to?

Kimberly said...

Pews are powerful ;)

Tiffany said...

You are such a rebel :-)