Monday, July 30, 2012

On the Road

Growing up it seemed that if we were to visit grandparents or cousins or extended family it always meant road travel.  It is just what we did.  We regularly weekly visited my mother’s parents.  The roads weren’t the same then and the trip was about 10 miles further then than it is today.  But no matter it is just what we did.  Doing what we did prepared me for my life today.  Road travel and air travel.  Our weekly travel to work adds up to over 500 miles.  Mr. Man travels an additional 500 miles as part of his job.  I tell you we are travelers.  And now air travel is part of the routine; making fun weekends happen.  Because it is just what we do!
Are we there yet??


Brittani said...

I was thinking the other day what a blessing it is that you guys can, that the means are there to allow for these good times and relationships! I know people that cannot do the same and it is unfortunate! This is how it should be!!

Mike and Julie said...

Welcome home,