Monday, July 16, 2012

In Sickness and in Health

I have lived a rather healthy life.  No broken bones, seldom a visit to the doctor as a child.  There was just never a need.  I guess because of that I have a very good memory of when I was sick as a child because it was such a rarity, even now for the most part sickness avoids me and I it. 

This memory however comes to me oddly because G6 has such a love of cupcakes.  When I was her age I too must have loved cupcakes.  On my 6th birthday the plan was to take cupcakes to my classmates in kindergarten. (I don’t even know if they let you do that now?)  But my hopes of sharing what I’m sure were outstanding cupcakes were dashed.   You see about a week before my birthday I had come down with mumps but only on one side of my face.  It was planned that on my birthday I would be able to go back to school; cupcakes in hand.  Sadly however, on February 3, 1960, a Wednesday I woke up with mumps on the other side.  No cupcakes to be shared!

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