Wednesday, October 24, 2012

21 Things about Me

These 21 things about me are the 21 things I see in me.

    1. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt and a friend;

    2. I have four amazing children and four equally amazing children in love;

    3. I have fourteen amazing grandchildren;

    4. I am a Mormon;

    5. I am not a fan of “no” – there are better answers;

    6. I am a great lover of dogs;

    2011-09-03 13.20.50

    7. I prefer to do it myself;

    8. I love long hair;

    Susan Heath

    9. I love music and to fall asleep listening to it;

    10. I love to learn;

    11. I love to cook when time permits;

    12. I love all things potato and believe that chocolate is a food group;

    13. I love cars and do a good job sleeping in them;


    14. I love to watch sports, especially baseball;

    Giant Screen

    15. I’m happy to be wrong, from time to time;

    16. I’m not a fan of exercise (I wish I was, a little);

    17. I’m blessed by work;

    18. I don’t get offended but can be annoyed;

    19.  Rude people vex me as well as those with no common sense; 

    20. My favorite words are hope and obedience;

    21. My cup rarely goes below the halfway mark!



Mike and Julie said...

Great list! Love the puppies!!

Kimberly said...

22. You're amazing ;)