Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two of Fourteen

For the record I think all my grans are special. In fact I believe them to be amazing. I have a little saying stuck to my computer at work that says, "What makes me special is you!" And truly what makes me special is them!  I often say, "I should have had them first!" But seriously they are so amazing because they have parents that are just that in my eyes, amazing. And because of that my little grans are just the best! I love to tell people I have fourteen grandchildren from ages nine years to 6 months. Most people in my circle don't come close to such goodness. They are my blessings.

Two of these special fourteen have a little something extra; an extra copy of chromosome 21. This extra chromosome changes the course of development and causes the characteristics associated with Down syndrome.

There is so much written about Down syndrome and you can find some of that good information at the National Down Syndrome Society. But for me personally I have all the information I need when I look into the faces of these two charmers.



They teach me about love, acceptance, laughter, and about all that is good in the world.  And that is all I need to know!

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Mike and Julie said...

Such great blessings!