Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get With The Picture


This is D2 filling in for mother while she's off galavanting.

I'll be popping in a couple of times in the next week so she can sleep well at night knowing she'll still have a post up on her blog everyday.

Today will be easy, its Super Snapshot Saturday, just pictures. So she says. I am a picture taker so it does seem easy enough. But like my mother, and her mother before her, I like to add a little more. Take it one step farther if you will.

When I was thinking of a picture to share a small part of me wanted to just throw some pictures down of my kids. But this blog is about much more than just them. Then I thought of pictures from my childhood which lead me to pictures of my mother. Being a mother. While I'm pretty good at taking pictures of my kids I'm not so good at getting in the picture with them. At the time my parents were raising little people picture taking wasn't as easy as it is now. It's a whole lot easier to look at a computer folder full of pictures than it is a shoe box under your bed. So there are not what I call a ton of pictures of us kids up to our day to day antics. And there are even fewer of my mother in them. The ones I do have, I treasure. It's a good reminder for me to get in the picture with my kids. Even if it's comfy pant day #7 and day 2 without a shower, they still need to see me being their mom.

The same can be said for them!


Susan Heath Allred said...

Who is that women? I hardly remember her!

Amy said...

Love it!

Mike and Julie said...

Love it!

Ashley Allred said...

just noticing i see a lot of isaac in his dad as a child.
fun memories.