Friday, November 9, 2012

Seeing the Bright Side

It is amazing what a flood will do for you.  It rushes in with no concern for what it touches.  All things in its path are fair game; although divine intervention does play a major role.  As much as the flood of water has no regard for what lies in its path divine intervention will step in and put His foot done.  And thankfully in the events of this past week He did just that.

So now as the demo begins, carpets up and all cabinets out we will start to see a new beginning.  It is a major do-over that wouldn’t have happened without such a flood.  Is it inconvenient; yes.  Is it loud; very.  Was the timing right; not at all, but then it never is.  But in the end we will have ten fresh new office spaces.  We will have new carpet, new paint, new furniture.  And this is the major plus, tons and tons and tons of stuff that has been collecting over time will no longer be!  It is a beautiful thing!!!


Amy said...

The kids have been praying that Susu would get her flood to stop. :)

Ashley Allred said...

oh man.....wish i were there with my free helping hands!!