Thursday, February 7, 2013

Friday to Lasday

Bear with me.  I love D2’s “Monday’s Musings” posts.  Love. Love. Love them. And I believe imitation is the purest form of flattery.  But I wanted a day of the week that started with the letter “L” so I could have a “list day” because I love lists.  Then I wondered how did the days get their names.  That’s just how my brain works.  So I turned to my trusty how and why book; the internet where all things written are true and correct. Right?  Well here is what I learned:
Sunday is named for the Sun
Monday is named for the Moon
Tuesday is named for Tiu, Tyr, or Tiwa, who was a Germanic god
Wednesday is named for Woden, Odin, or Wotan which are the names of a Nordic/Germanic god
Thursday is named for Thor, Donar, or Thunor, also a Nordic/Germanic god
Friday is named for Frigg or Freia who was a Nordic goddess
Saturday is named for Saturn, who was a Roman god

All very interesting but this is my blog.  So I’m changing things up.  I’m done with Friday it’s overrated; I’m calling that day Lastday Lasday.  After all Friday is the “last day” of the work week so why not.  Stay tuned……


Kimberly said...

Love ;)

Amy said...

Oh the tangled web that is your mind! lol! Can't wait to see your list.