Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Heart Week

  • Correction please……….it is Lasday not Lastday.  I’m glad I cleared that up and added the word to to my dictionary;
  • Friday Lasday night with friends, is a Lasday night well spent;
  • We can’t stop playing Mexican Train Dominos;
  • Up after midnight and beyond is getting harder to recover from…… glad there is Saturday;
  • Maybe I’ll call that Resday;
  • Staying in “jams” all day is my kind of Resday;
  • Change is my Achilles heel; as much as I try to prepare myself for it, it always kicks me in the butt;
  • Belle is keeping her two front teeth and I only spent $400.00, we are both happy;
  • Now she doesn’t have to worry if she will bark with a lisp;
  • I wanted to make my bed each day this week, I made it once twice once, but it did get made, it was my “Val”entine’s present;

2013-02-12 19.20.44

  • Love is a verb, you can say it all day long but if you don’t show me how will I really know;
  • I like to think the boss’s dog listens to me….she doesn’t, but I chase after her anyway because I love her;
  • I found a new place to shop online for clothes Shade, you should check it out, I like it;
  • Listening to my inner voice would save on returning stuff. I just wish I would listen more often.  I’ll work on that next week;
  • My grandchildren make me laugh, in fact they make everything right with my world;
  • Rolls taste better when shaped like a heart and they are better for you too, in case you wondered;
  • I have many sisters by heart; special Happy Birthday shout out to my sister from another mother;
  • I’m working on looking up. Sometimes I miss things right under above my nose!!

And that is all the goodness from this happy week of love!

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