Friday, February 8, 2013

Lasday’s List

So here I am.  It’s Lasday!  And my list goes like this:
  • Best birthday weekend ever!  Thankful for all the fun gifts I received.
  • I love my new recliner!  Now I’m matchy matchy four square with Mr. Man!!
  • Saturday night attended the PBR; love that tradition.
  • Its crab season….Yes!!!!
  • Disappointed in the 49’ers.  Poop!
  • I have a dog who needs dental work; I could have a $700.00 bill, bigger poop;
  • They pull the teeth; they don’t fill them!
  • My daffodil's are poking their heads up despite the cold weather.
  • I’m on my 4th new Mini iPad; it is a love hate relationship.  More love than hate but highly annoying.
  • Love a nice tax return.
  • The beard is on its way back, I’ve missed it so.
  • I would love to sleep through the night and not have to get up to use the bathroom….such a small request or maybe sleep is overrated!!


Amy said...

I venture to guess the Belle (does she have an extra e?) is the dog in question? Those "treats" she likes have finally caught up? hee, hee, hee

Kimberly said...

I do love lists. 4th mini? How is that possible? Dental work? Yikes! I don't like the dentist. Yea for a fabulous birthday week!