Friday, February 22, 2013

Love the Three Day Weekend Week

  • Great trip. Great family time.  Need to have more of those weekends!
  • Three-day weekends should happen at least monthly right?
  • Had these little fun measuring spoons once; they got broken.  Found them again in an antique store!  Fun treasure!!!2013-02-21 18.58.35
  • Just when I think I know all that I could possibly know about Mr. Man’s eating habits, I find out he loves cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.  He tells me he makes them all the time.  Where am I?
  • Everything happens for a reason; I’m not always crazy about the reason.
  • I love music.  I love instrumentals.  I wish I could sing, besides in the shower.
  • I wish I was independently wealthy (who doesn’t) so I could do more for others without worry.
  • Someday I’m going to go to bed earlier, someday.
  • I love a good pep talk, find one here!
  • Take the amazing road, be awesome, make everyday better!
  • Give the world a reason to dance… get to it!!

It has been a week.  It started great and just continued to get better as the days went by! 



Kimberly said...

Those spoons are amazing! Love that you found them again.
Cheese and peanut butter? That's weird. Just sayin'

Amy said...

And I thought his butter and peanut butter sandwiches were weird. Yuck! I too love the spoons. Fun find.