Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Relaxing

Our days are long.  Some are even longer than others.  We spent more time away from home than we like sometime.  But it is just the nature of where we live; in a valley surrounded by California mountains.  These California mountains aren't big but they are big enough to keep people away from our valley.  We have lived here and commuted down the mountain for almost 10 years.  Most can't believe we do this on a daily basis.  But it is what we do and we feel grateful for the jobs we have that take us down the mountain.  However, with the schedule we keep having an opportunity to relax isn't always something we get to do very often.  We just didn't seem to be able to make time for it.  Until now that is.  Hot tub so relaxing!


Amy said...

You got a hot tub?

Mike and Julie said...

They're a commuter's dream! Enjoy :-)