Monday, April 16, 2012

People, Places and Things

  • When I think of sewing I think of my mother.  I think about sitting in her sewing room and chatting for hours.
  • When I smell freshly baked bread I think of my grandmother.  My first bread making experience was when I was about four years old and she let me knead the dough and make my own little loaf.  It probably wasn't edible.
  • When I think of my first friend I think of Beverly Crossfield.  We use to play with the lab rats her dad would bring home from school.  He was a high school science teacher.  Sometimes we lost them in the house.
  • When I think of my first dog I think of Duke.  He was my dad's dog, a pointer.  He was way too much dog for me but I still would beg to take him for a walk.
Random thoughts bring random memories of days gone by!

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