Monday, June 25, 2012


After the funeral of Mr. Man’s brother we went to his brother’s home and visited with his wife.  She shared a couple of experiences with us which I feel prompted to write about.  Mainly because I want to remember them while still fresh in the my mind.

She and her husband had by all accounts a very romantic marriage.  Someone asked her to share how they met and their subsequent courtship.  Simply put they met at a church function; a valentine dance I believe.  Their courtship by most any standard was a short one.  They met in February and were married in April!!  Their earthly union was 45 years.  

The part that fascinated me about the whole thing was when she shared meeting her future in-laws.  Her story was exactly my story up to a point.  Father-in-law was full of questions.  Mother-in-law said not a word.  This was most nerve-wracking for me and apparently it was for her as well.  She continued on by saying on the long ride back to Utah all she could say was, “your mother hates me!”

But it was at that point our stories differed.  She went on to say, although their initial meeting started on a somewhat rocky foundation she learned to know and love her mother-in-law through their years of correspondence.

I did not share that kind of relationship with my mil.  Maybe the difference was the fact that I was 18 when I met her and my sil was 25.  It was for me an intimidating feeling to not feel welcomed; something I could never shake.  Although I don’t believe that was her intention; for I would come to learn she was simply a woman of very few words.

What I do believe is, that everything happens for a reason.  And I believe in all things a lesson can be learned.  Now a mil myself I’ve tried to be mindful of my dils and sils.  I have by no definition perfected my status of mil………..but I’m working on it!  Of course it helps that I have the most awesome dils and sils on the face of this planet earth!!!

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Brittani said...

Considering the "interesting" circumstances in which we met, you could not had been more welcoming..and it has only gotten better. That is why it is so fun to be with you! Thank you for making being a mil seem so easy!