Monday, June 11, 2012

Wet Head

It was the rule in our house growing that you never went to bed with wet hair or as my mom said "with a wet head". It seemed like a sensible rule. She said if you do you'll wake up with a stiff neck! I didn't want that. So that was my rule with my girls, no wet heads at bedtime. Well now they have girls of their own. However, they don't have the no wet heads at bedtime rule in their homes! They don't buy the stiff neck story! 
Where have I failed?

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Kimberly said...

Lol! So sorry this one didn't stick ;)
By the way to my knowledge they don't wake up with stiff necks

SuSu said...

Thank you for checking that out on my poor unsuspecting granddaughters! Happy to know it was just a myth!!

Amy said...

Total myth! No stiff neck here.

Brittani said...

not stiff neck but sometimes some pretty crazy hair dos