Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tender Mercy

It would seem that there are many tender mercies surrounding us each day.  There is no doubt in my mind of this.  But this tender mercy was a witness to me of the reality of God and His awareness of each of us at all times.

My Sil related this tender mercy while visiting with her after the funeral for her husband.   The night before his passing she said his demeanor was like nothing she had experienced in some time.  He was animated and seemed so much like his old self.  Even earlier the next morning this same tender demeanor continued.  She woke early, had gotten up quietly in hopes of not disturbing him.  But as she was leaving the bedroom he called out and suggested she come back to bed for more snuggle time.  Of course she obliged.  A bit later she had gone out to the kitchen when he called her back to help him to the bathroom.  He was unable to move about himself due to his condition; any vertical movement caused him to pass out.  She helped him into the bathroom then went back out to the kitchen.  After a few minutes she went back to help him back to bed.  Sadly he was gone.   He had suffered with the effects of pure autonomic failure for nearly 15 years; with the last three years or so the most intense.  She was an amazing help meet. 

After listening to her share this remarkable story I believe know I was hearing a tender mercy experience as she related to us what seemed like a disease free evening and morning with her husband. 
God is mindful of each of us and this tender mercy is just another example.

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Mike and Julie said...

A tender mercy for sure. Thank you for sharing!