Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Clutter.  Not exactly a wonderful word.  And actually not a condition I like although I'm guilty of it. So I have a problem tossing stuff out, because I like ALL of my stuff.  But when I found this calendar I realized that there was hope even for me.  And I love hope!  So check it out and just say NO to clutter in 2012!!


Kimberly said...

For some reason the link didn't work for me. :(
Such a bummer because I have a lot of clutter to rid the house of by Saturday. Without the calendar I guess I can't do it ;)

Ashley Allred said...

link didn't work for me either...i'll have to look it up another way. this is something we've been working on too. Our garage...i'm actually very excited to organize it. Good thing we have a gift card to Lowe's ;).

SuSu said...

I updated the link; don't want you to be left with clutter!