Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just this Day!

Just days into the New Year I realized that all my lovely themes might not always fit with the day. It then became apparent I would have to add an eighth theme. So I have and I will call it Just this Day. I guess it just not realistic to think every day would be perfect and that all the stars would line up.  Although I know that everything happens to a reason, sometimes I'm just not prepared for the events that take place.  Case in point.

Mr. Man was recently referred by his doctor to a cardiologist for some rapid heartbeat issues.  At the visit he was issued a heart monitor which he was instructed to wear for 30 days in an effort to see what was going on. Well it became apparent to me within five days that surely they should have enough evidence by the number of "episodes" he was experiencing.  It was apparent to his doctor as well.  In addition to the rapid heartbeat, his heart was also stopping and for as much as 3 to 5 seconds!  

Time for action.  Plans had to change; our trip to Kansas had to be rearranged.  Mr. Man was now scheduled to get a pacemaker instead!

Things happen in life when we least expect it!  But even though there was the disappointment of him not being able to take the trip we gained so much more.  We witnessed the miracle of modern medicine.  His procedure went off without a hitch.  Although he did have another "episode" after the implant he was where he needed to be to have it addressed.  Now he is covered for a rapid heartbeat with medication and slow heart rate by the pacemaker.  Now he will be able to make future trips. We were blessed by the prayers of so many. The love and concern we felt by family and friends was overwhelming.

Just this day although it wasn't something we thought would happen. We lived through it and are better for it.

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Ashley Allred said...

So grateful that Dad's ok now. He gave us a little scare, but so grateful for modern medicine. love you!