Monday, January 2, 2012

What a Memory

So this isn't exactly my first memory but it is a memory that I've carried with me for a long, long, long time.  I often wonder how I even remember it or why I did what I did.  When I think of it I wonder where on earth was my mother??  It is so gross to think about.  But then I realize that was a million years ago and back then mother's did shadow your every waking move like is done today.  Have I got you wondering??  Well what I remember is drinking out of the gutter..........I was thirsty and I was under 5 maybe under 4.  I know, I told you it was gross but we didn't have water bottles and don't ask me why.........we just did it.  The water looked clean..........I'm sure it was.  I know of no disease being contracted unless of course the reason behind my middle age growth spurt is in fact caused by my drinking gutter water as a child; maybe I should blame it on that.  I guess it could be possible!  Either way it is behind me and the thought of it makes me shutter!
This is the cleanest gutter I could find!
50+ years ago the gutters were much cleaner;
I'm sure of it!


Brittani said...

lol, yummmmmm!

Rich and Brianne said...

Pretty sure we used to drink from the gutter too. Sometimes going inside was just too much work :)