Friday, January 6, 2012

Space Bags

I love my Christmas sweaters but they really can only be worn in December.  So what does one do with them the other 11 months of the year.  Well until this year I stashed them in one of those plastic zip up bags that blankets come in.  Big, fat and awkward they were.  But this year I discovered Space Bags (I know I'm slow).  They are awesome!

So all these bulky sweaters........
......are now compacted nicely for under the bed storage! 

A New Favorite!


Space Savers correspondent said...

We're happy to hear Space Bag can help store your Christmas sweaters, leaving extra space in your closet for year-round clothing. Feel free to share your story on the Space Savers community for a chance to win prizes, or just read up on our many organizing and space-saving tips:

Best wishes,
Space Savers correspondent

Tiffany said...

I told you they wre awesome!! Bedding is my main squeeze.