Saturday, March 31, 2012


This Super Snapshot Saturday is a picture in imagination.  Not my imagination as it did happen to me but you will have to imagine it as it happened to me or you if you are so unlucky to have had this experience as well.

There are numerous reasons to exercise. All of which I manage to find reasons to avoid.  Until yesterday.  So I like to arrive early at the airport. I must be in the "A" boarding group. (I'm a Southwest only flyer)  I want time to decompress once I get to the airport because usually the days leading up to travel are full of stressful preparation. Work always seems to unravel just before my leaving.  So that time before take-off is a perfect time to catch my breath before travelling to my next adventure. Well yesterday I was sooooo late that they actually called my name over the PA!  So that's what my name sounds like to the world.  In an instant I had become one of those people.  So much for my early bird seating I paid $10 bucks for, not one person saved me a window seat or even one on the aisle for me to slide into.  The only time I sit in the middle is when I'm with Mr. Man, who sadly was not with me. I was so out of breath I promised myself I needed to do something about my breath taking experience.  Of course it didn't help that the gate was the furthest possible gate, naturally.  Or that I was carrying two laptops (there was no time to put them back in their bags) and the two bags that weighed 900 pounds. And that I couldn't get my shoes on properly as I was walking briskly (running wasn’t an option) through the airport.  About the only advantage I can see getting to the airport 25 minutes prior to flight time was I didn't have to line up with my happy A-37 with people who generally don't know how to count or that don’t know that “A” comes before “B” in the alphabet.  Of course I had to endure the invisible stares of all the people who were hoping I would not sit next to them as I carried my two laptops and two bags like a disheveled out of breath wild eyed bag lady onto the plane.  Well, they should of seen me go through security before passing judgment.  I was a pro. Shoes off.  Laptops out, each in their own bin.  Bags and shoes in bins. Four bins total. I was even complimented on my speed by a fellow traveler.  But in the end it was the distance to the gate that almost killed me.  It seems like no matter which of the three states I frequently travel to all flights I’m on are always departing from the furthest gate possible.  Note to self, there is no reason to not start exercising!  Or I could just leave three and a half hours early instead of two and a half early to the airport.  Humm……now that’s a possibility!!

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Kimberly said...

Whew!! So glad you made it, though ;)

Amy said...

Eek! Glad you made it. I can't believe know one saved you a good seat! ;)

Rich and Brianne said...

So glad you made it! Have a wonderful time meeting that new baby.

Tiffany said...

LOL.....I can picture it all in my head like I was there :-) Let's work on that walking when you return.