Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reverence Invites Revelation

Last Sunday was our Stake Conference.  Elder Trythall, an Area Authority Seventy spoke.  Each time we attend church we have an opportunity to learn something.  Sometimes I learn more and sometimes I learn less.  But I’ve come to know that the learning is my responsibility, no one else’s.   He was a wonderful speaker and easy to listen to and learn from.  But the one thing that sang to me was when he said Reverence invites Revelation.  I’m sure in my lifetime I’ve heard close to 2,000 talks on reverence or revelation or reverence and revelation together.  But when he said Reverence invites Revelation and reminded us that the still small voice is just that a still and small voice, I knew then I would remember those words; Reverence invites Revelation for a long time to come. 
Reverence invites Revelation - it really does!

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Ashley Allred said...

love this! so true. Maybe i should be more reverant. lol!