Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Harmony and Melody

I’ve been thinking of these two words lately Harmony and Melody.  Can one live without the other?  As I've read about these two it doesn't seem so in the world of music.  Melody is the horizontal portion of a song and harmony is the vertical portion of a song” or so as its been described.  Interesting. Or as another describes it this way, Melody is the main series of notes that stand out enabling you to remember the particular song or the section of the song, whereas harmony is employed to decorate the musical effect of the song or a section of the song.  Harmony arises where there are extra notes alongside the melody of a song. In a way it is said to complement the melody of a song.  Melody appeals to the mind better if it is complemented by harmony.”

So what about the world of relationships in terms of Harmony and Melody.  Do we bring the Harmony or the Melody or both?  Do we partner together for success?  All good things to think about.

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