Sunday, August 12, 2012

Five and Nine Hundred

Five years ago on this very day my mother left this earth for a greater destination.  She was a counter.  She loved all things numbers.  So it is only fitting that in the great spirit of counting that today would be my 900th post since I started blogging in the 9th month of 2008 on the 24th day.  It seems that the number nine in some fashion is popping up all over the place for me.  
  • My dad died at 59 in the year of 1989
  • On my next birthday I will be 59
  • If you add up the numbers in my birth year or our address you get the number 19
  • The number of years of marriage to date is 39
  • My age at the time of my marriage 19
  • My first child was born in the 9th month of the year
  • I was 29 when my last child was born and now he is 29
  • My two oldest granddaughters are 9
  • My oldest son-in-love is almost 39
  • We have had 9 dogs

And since today is Sunday this scripture in the 9th  Chapter and 9th verse of Proverbs seems fitting:

“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.”


Amy said...

Very nice!

Mike and Julie said...

Great numbers, and an important day!