Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Egg Bread

So way back when, I blogged about making this bread.  But I never at least that I can remember actually posted the recipe for this goodness.  I love this bread because it is so easy to make and tastes terrific!  So be brave and try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Egg Bread
Makes 2 Braided Loaves

¼ Cup of Warm Water
2 Pkg. of Yeast

Set aside

Scaled 2 Cups of Milk*; let cool to lukewarm

Add the following to Milk:

2 Lightly Beaten Eggs
½ Stick Butter
3 Tbsp. Sugar
1 Tbsp. Salt
4 Cups of Flour
Yeast mixture
Mix for 10 minutes.

Let it rest for 10 minutes.

Add about 3 more cups of flour and mix well. Dough will be soft and somewhat sticky.  Put a little flour on your counter before turning out the dough; knead in to make dough workable and easy to handle.  Divide dough in half, and then divide each half into thirds and braid. Tuck under ends.

Let it rise for 20 minutes.

Bake in pre-heated oven at 425° for 15-20 minutes.  Will be golden brown on top. 

Optional: Brush the top with a little butter to make the crust soft

* When I use powdered milk I don’t scaled the milk. I don’t understand the whole “scaled the milk” process I just do it because that is what the original recipe said.
Rising Up
Fresh out of the oven!!

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Mike and Julie said...

It was yummy :-). Nice to see you last night, thanks for the class!