Monday, August 20, 2012

Full Circle

My memory of vacations when I was younger was either a trip to Utah or camping.  Today I’ll talk about the latter; camping.  I wasn’t a fan as a child.  We were tent campers, which was about the only way one camped in my day.  It was dirty and the bathrooms gross.  Motorhomes hadn’t really come on the scene although trailers were somewhat common.  I remember once going with my dad to look at truck campers (I was in love) but he didn’t feel my love for said camper.  As I aged I became more of an ornery camper until finally I believe my parents couldn’t stand to camp with “crabby pants” any more so they just stopped going.  It took me many years to get over my "crabby pants" camping complex.  But over the years my camping life has come full circle.  Although I’m still not a fan of dirt and public bathrooms are just not for me.  I’ve gained a great love for the peace and serenity found while camping.  I love outdoor cooking, games with friends and walks with the dogs. Oh and it helps that we have a camper (with a bathroom) that is just perfect for us.  Seems everywhere we go we see these ginormous motorhomes that cost more than our house.  And we think wow wouldn’t that be something.  Then I go inside our tiny little camper and realize big is not better, it’s just big.  We have sufficient for our camping needs; room for us and the dogs.  I’ve come full circle in my camping life and I couldn’t be happier.
A weekend in Fort Bragg....
perfect place to beat the heat!!

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