Monday, August 27, 2012

Lessons on Commitment

Years ago (30+) I was serving as a counselor in a Primary presidency.  The lessons I learned from the Primary President are still with me today.  One thing she said was we have to recognize that everyone’s commitment or testimony level is different.  Seems like a simple, understandable statement, but with that there are challenges that aren’t so simple and easy to live with.  It is a difficult symphony sometimes to play – when my commitment is at one level but those I’m working with are at another.

So where do I go with those who lack commitment or come to the group with little commitment.  Actually just recognizing that difference is an important part.  It is easy to become trapped by those with LCL (low commitment level).  They can drag you down and create hours of frustration.  Never a good thing.  So just knowing I’m at my best and hoping those around me will have the desire to rise up works for me because in the end that is all I can hope for.

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